Small Dialogue on Purpose

Been a long time since I've written to you, and so much has changed for the both of us. I wonder how you're doing, I wonder what you're interested in, and how's your sense of purpose?


The last time we spoke, this was mid 2020 — the biggest conversation topics were around “how can I stay productive?”, and random things to learn to keep ourselves busy. Nowadays most of us are back outdoors, honestly just doing the usual again.

Some of us are back in office.

Some of us are still at home, kinda just figuring it out.

Personally, I’ve been just figuring it out as well.

I quit my full time job, which led to me looking for freelance gigs to pay rent in the meantime - I’m insanely grateful for everyone who pulled through and the big lesson from that was you’re probably ready before you know it. The results of freelancing made me realize I could make around 50k more in salary compared to what was my current salary at the time 75k.

To be transparent with you all, I just recently landed a full time at 120k. Which coming from a household that we’ve never really had it all.. I’m shocked.

But moving forward.

The question of purpose has been on my mind quite a bit.

What sort of imprint do I want to leave on this world / my community.

Do I want to be known as a great up and coming designer?

Do I want to be known for sharing my perspectives around spirituality?

Or do I just want to be?

I want to share a quote.

As long as you are unware of Being, you will seek meaning only within the dimension of doing and of future, that is to say, the dimension of time.

- Eckhart Tolle (New Earth)

When I reflect around this quote, I realized how much of my life and goals revolve around having this and making in impact here or there.

And with that being said, I realized how much of me being in the moment isn’t there.

So focused on goals, and just improvement I lost myself in the process.

I want to send out this email as a reminder

A reminder to step into your being today.. to realize you are everything in every moment.

Most likely if you’re reading this email right now.. all needs are met.

How much, is enough?

To conclude.

Thank you, and sending you so much love to start off this week.

favorite links:

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