My Cheat Codes During Times of Crisis


Hey friends,

It’s been a real long time since I’ve sent out an email but I wanted to tap in today and send out a message that’s helped me a bit.

2 Cheat Codes During Crisis

Simply complete 5%.

The biggest problem that I’ve found was we end up with a massive to-do list and we think to ourselves “yeah that’s a lot I’ll wait till 6PM so I have enough time” – Then you wait, and don’t feel like doing the task anymore.

But imagine if you repositioned the dialogue to say “Okay, I’ll just start off a little bit for now since I don’t have ALL the time in the world”..

Now what does that generate?


That momentum is priceless, and can be a key product to creating that flow that you’ve been looking for.

Okay so pick 5% right, what if my 5% is just too difficult?

My suggestion is to choose a small 5% that isn’t too difficult BUT, something that brings joy to your soul.

For writers, it could be simply writing one sentence.

For designers, it could be creating a simple sketch.

For developers, maybe some silly project you’ve always wanted to create.

Don’t think everything is so black and white, there’s plenty of gray zone.

Okay so what’s the next point?

The Sweet Spot

Do you know that feeling where you just feel GREAT?

You walk outside and the world is just your best friend at the moment.

All your projects are going well, everyone is in support of you.. things are going well.

This is what you would call the sweet spot.

Doing that 5% and watching it turn into 50% or 80% is what will get you to the sweet spot. You’ll be flowing through everything and just remaining consistently in the sweet spot.

Now there’s an enemy to the sweet spot.. and that’s lower vibrational energy.

“What’s lower vibrational energy Micah?”

This could be that family member, that toxic relationship partner, or just that job that always brings you to your lower self.

That conversation is for another email but I can offer my two sense from being in all 3 of those zones.

You have to submerge yourself in content that makes your soul sing. I’m not talking about binge watching your favorite TV show but watching content that brings you up.

For starters this could be watching particular TED talks, tuning into those positive youtubers, or reading a book that teaches you how to handle these situations.

Day in and day out, think of it like hypnotizing yourself.

So friends, those were the two things I wanted to leave you with today ––

I’m hoping you are all healthy physically and mentally, and if you want to reach out to say hi feel free 👋.

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📚 Resources to help stay grounded.


Why Stay Grounded at These Times?

If you’re anything like me, the last few weeks could have been a little rough on you.

Your entire routine got thrown for a loop.

All the influencers around you screaming through the computer telling you to pickup that side project, start working on your hobby.

All the while public media is screaming at you telling you that everyone is dying.

What am I to do?

Well, the goal of this weeks newsletter is to share some resources on what I’ve been doing to remain grounded through all of this chaos.

Healing Mantras

So first off, you don’t need to be ultra spiritual to listen to these.. think of it like this. If all you’re repeating through your mind is a chant what other room is there for other thoughts. I’ll go ahead and link some of my favorite below

High Vibrational Podcasts

We completely become what we are consuming so I just want you to think about what media you’re consuming on the daily and does it match up with who you wish to be?

Ambient or Relaxing Music

I have an entire playlist that last 5 hours on Spotify geared towards what I mark as relaxing or just music that doesn’t make my mind run on and on. Typically this means not many lyrics at all and soothing music that you probably could play in the background.

Enjoy Some Guilt Free Content

This means playing some video games mindfully, don’t attack yourself for not being “productive” at that moment because you are being “productive” just towards another cause. Or feel free to make a movie list and get to crossing it out as well :)

Read a Fulfilling Blog

Read something uplifting rather than attacking and demanding of your time. This really all depends on personal taste so I’ll link a few that I enjoy from time to time and I think you’ll get the jist.

Create a Goal Within Anything

Giving yourself some sort of purpose, If that be getting to a certain level within a video game or just crossing a certain amount of movies off a list. The notion here is to focus on giving your days some sort of direction as you’re living all through it.


Stay safe out there friends, if you’re feeling a little bit lonely feel free to jump into the group slack channel I created or send me a message!

Love Micah,

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Letter From a Friend XLII (42)

[ No Audio ] - Coming back from the sickness this weekend some resources to share.

I. Reflection

In terms of what to share for this week, I’m not going to lie to you.. it was just in shambles ☹️.

I was simply just reacting to what was going on rather than responding — waking up, jumping on a call here and there for work.. then afterwards just playing god of war.

Not much in terms of setting out a vision for myself but hey.. I’m here now reflecting on that.

Because of my rash decisions during the week I fell ill at the start of my weekend 😷.

Which now I’m feeling much better from so I’m gearing up getting ready to take on the week with flying colors.

II. Links

“What To Do When Things Fall Apart”

Nathaniel Drew always hits the mark on these massively complex issues within our lives, with playful video composition. Please check this one out during this pandemic.

Massive list of free virtual health and wellness resources

(shoutout to rob for this) — While we’re all sitting inside I think it’d be great that we take some time learning more on these things. I’ll be taking part in a challenge to do meditation’s daily.

Simple doodles to put in your journal

I’m also stepping back into bullet journaling so I thought it’d be cool to share this resource with ya.

Love Micah,

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Letter From a Friend XLI (41)


I. Reflection

Now, I’m sure you’ve read 1 million posts about the Corona Virus Outbreak and I want to go ahead and bring in a new outlook to this all.

An outlook on how to gain massive traction during the pandemic.

Here’s a simple 3 step guideline I’m taking while moving forward.

I. Challenge yourself and set goals.

Setting goals will help bring us a positive outlook of what we can accomplish during this time.. what are we going to do during our times of solitude?

Does this mean spending time within duolingo?

Does this mean spending time meditating?

Does this meaning learning a programming language?

This is all up to you.

II. Set up a framework.

So, something I just noticed while working from home.. is that it’s insanely easy to end up off the beaten path.

We typically have some sort of schedule when commuting to work and heading home.. now that schedule is practically up to you.

Setting up a schedule on google calendar or just on a piece of paper helps build a framework for your days within the week.

This is a must for utilizing our time.

II. Remaining calm.

This is the biggest one.. finding a calm within this storm.

Responding instead of reacting.

I explained this so much better within the audio 👆, but move slowly and spend your time mindfully as we go through these hard times.

II. Links

8 Success Hacks That Will Level Up Your Life | Impact Theory

Deeply enjoyed this Impact Theory comp, a lot of useful gems within this one.

Visual Journal — Branding, Editorial , etc (inspo)

These sorts of sites help me whenever I’m in a design rut for a lot of the instagram posts I’ve been creating.

Spotify — Healing Music Playlist

Found this playlist at the start of my week, some great ambient tunes in here from artists you’d never expect.

Love Micah,

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Letter From a Friend XL (40)


I. Reflection

Making Everything a Priority Means Nothing Is.

This is something that’s been floating around my mind while I read Developing A Leader Within You 2.0 is how much time I spend on certain things.

What can I automate to an extent vs what really needs my time to bring me 80% forward.

Something actionable that I’ve started bringing into practice is simply writing down the top 3 things I need to do within the start of the day (and I’m sure you’ve heard this one before) but I have something to add to this formula as well.

Begin to create time for “nothing” so you can make room to think about your process.

Not simply jumping from todo to todo, but pausing and reflecting on what you’re completing.

Besides that, I’m sure as I read through this book some more there will be some more discoveries ^-^.

II. Links

How to Turn Your Mind from An Enemy to an Ally.

This one honestly blew me away as I listened to it at work, if you’re going to only click one of these links please let this be the one.

게임 할 때 듣는 음악 MAPLE STORY OST

One of my favorite childhood games, Maplestory.. if you haven’t played it just tune into the soundtrack ~ great studying tunes.

20 Templates to Get Started With Notion

If you don’t use Notion already, check out this templates and you can see how useful it all really is 🙏.

Love Micah,

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